Olympica – The Rewarding Speakers Ensuring the Best Listening Effect

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Olympica is from the Sonus Faber family as a middle child. There is a line of products of Olympica available right now in three models. They feature a two-way design and are stand-mounted. A floorstander three-way is Olympica II featuring a single bass driver. The biggest bunch is Olympica III with two 7-inch bass drivers and also a tweeter in 1.14 inch and a 5.9 inch mid. there is a center-channel speaker lineup rounding such that it seeks an option of a home theater.

Why Olympica

There are many great companies now producing speaker drivers and several speaker manufacturers building around them some cabinets. Yet, Sonus Faber is special as it takes a different approach. The drivers are in-house designed and are mated in a cabinet shape. The Olympica as a holistic package is designed with system synergy from the group as a priority.

It is made in Italy entirely same as Sonus Fabers flagship series and also receives similar attention to each detail of the process. The cabinet wood work is stunning and the products appear as one of the finest furniture.  The walnut finish sported and the grain-matching panels appear delicate. The walnut sections offer thin maple joints on the cabinet each side, providing a subtle and elegant contrast. People preferring a colored cabinet may consider Olympicas featuring graphite finish. The wood grain appears clearly visible and is beautiful. There is a semi-gloss attractive coat that is protective, though it has several clear lacquer layers.

Design reflections

The uniquely engineered speaker cabinet reflects the cabinet beauty. It is leather-topped and offers a better descriptor. The rear portion is asymmetrical offering one side a bit more swoop. This facilitates the port design to be unique and the cabinet base creates additional stability with a four-point metal outrigger configuration. Loosening and tightening the height of the spike facilitates the speakers leveling that all the four feet of the speakers are anchored firmly to the floor.

The cable of the metal speaker also presents a unique design. There are dual posts featuring bi-amplification or bi-wiring, and included is the metal jumper connecting the two. The sum assigns the dimensions of the height, cabinet widest part and the depth in the Olympica.

Final word

Speakers are equipment that is a tricky piece as each speaker interacts differently. Buyers can go through the Olympica manual that offers suggestions to listening seat placement and it varies in degrees that you will find these speakers rewarding.

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