How to Pick Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses That Will Make your Pregnant Bridesmaid Shine

  • by Aarya Jane
  • 6 Months ago
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Having a bridesmaid with bump is both exciting and nerve-wracking for a bride. Simply because your friend is pregnant doesn’t mean she should be excluded from the bridesmaid gang. Don’t worry as you are not the first one with expecting bridesmaid in your bridal party. A plenty of flattering maternity Bridesmaid Dresses are available and thus you can select the one that best suits your bridesmaid and her growing tummy. Choose the dress that can draw attention to the blooming bridesmaid’s best features. Let me share some tips to find the best maternity Bridesmaid Dresses for your pregnant maid.

Keep the dress style simple

When it comes to choose Bridesmaid Dress for mommy-to-be, it is important to keep the dress style simple and sober. Large bows or excessive lace work at the waistline or ruffles just make her baby bump looks bigger thereby, makes her uncomfortable a little bit. Select simple maternity Bridesmaid Dresses that look elegant and appealing on your pregnant friend. Empire waist and wrap dresses are preferable to choose as these dresses give room for her growing stomach.

Extreme care is taken while selecting the dress fabric

If you are selecting dress for your expecting bridesmaid, then choose the fabric that flow away from the body and thus allow your pregnant bridesmaid ease of movement. Chiffon and Bobbinet are highly recommended as they are comfortable to wear and thus can easily accommodate bridesmaid growing belly. It is advised to avoid clingy fabric as you don’t know how your expecting bridesmaid’s body will look like in the near future.

Pick the right color

Pick the color that will embrace the new figure of your pregnant bridesmaid so that she can flaunt her baby bump with pride. Instead of shiny and glossy, head towards bold colors like black, navy etc in order to give a glamorous and ravishing look to your expecting bridesmaid.

Choose the Dress with Great Neckline

One change that women find attractive during pregnancy is their stunning cleavage, so pick the dress that flaunts the cleavage of your pregnant bridesmaid to make her look bold and sensuous. Attention can be easily drawn away from the bump when a sweetheart neckline is combined with an empire waistline. Such dresses elongate the body in a graceful way and thus make your expecting bridesmaid confident.

Comfort really matters during pregnancy

It is important to choose the Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses that offers high-end comfort to the pregnant bridesmaid so that she can enjoy your wedding ceremony without worrying about her baby bump. Avoid tight and body-shaping dresses as they are not able to accommodate the growing belly of the pregnant lady. If possible then go for specially designed maternity gowns that offer optimum comfort throughout the day.

A variety of maternity Bridesmaid Dresses are available to choose from and thus select the dress that can nail the look of your expecting bridesmaid and flaunt her beauty gracefully. Pick the dress that highlights her femininity while comfortably accommodating her baby bump.

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