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  • Boosting Your Brand and Increasing Exposure: The Importance of Video Marketing

Boosting Your Brand and Increasing Exposure: The Importance of Video Marketing

  • by Aarya Jane
  • 1 year ago
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The worst-kept secret in today’s advertising arena is that videos have become the most impactful form of content marketing over the past few years, which is why countless firms across a multitude of industries are beginning to capitalise on this very lucrative trend.

With this notion in mind, we’re going to explain why you should partner with a professional video production company in UAE sooner rather than later, so feel free to read along to learn about how you can substantially enhance your promotional strategy.

Numbers Don’t Lie

As any successful marketing syndicate will tell you, no content-driven advertising campaign is complete without a robust, personalised assortment of cutting-edge videos:

  • Improve Your SEO Results: According to an international study conducted earlier this year, embedding a video (or multiple videos) into your webpage will increase the odds of landing on the front-page of Google search results by roughly 530%. In this regard, web-based audiences are 10 times more likely to forward, share, and comment on unique video clips than on bland text-based content or infographics.
  • Elevate Your Retention Rate: Almost 70% of prospective clients and shoppers will watch ¾ of a given video clip, while blogs and articles feature a much lower follow through rate. This makes a lot of sense from a psychological perspective, because medical experts have determined that our brains can process visual depictions 60,000 times faster than the written word.
  • Drive Foot Traffic: Irrespective of the size or scope of your business, video marketing has been proven to skyrocket any type of company’s online foot traffic by nearly 160%. In fact, organisations that include videos on primary landing pages enjoy 40% more web traffic than those with a basic, barebones layout.
  • Boost Brand Recall: Research has also shown that the typical client will remember approximately 94% of a given video’s overall message, but less than 10% when perusing through text-based materials, which is why nearly 70% of people above the age of 18 consider themselves to be “visual learners.”

Most notably, however, internet surfers are twice as likely to purchase a particular product or service after watching an innovative, state-of-the-art film or clip.

Today’s Leading Video Production Teams Can Provide a Turnkey Solution

The most prominent video marketing corporations are comprised of dexterous tech specialists, cinematic experts, SEO mavens, production aficionados, and a myriad of other resourceful professionals that can facilitate the entire process for your organisation:

  • Planning, designing, and delivering custom-fabricated films
  • High-end editing and refinements to procure exceptional final products
  • Integrating videos and images with all digital formats
  • Advanced photography and camerawork to revitalise your brand
  • Disseminating, sharing, and distributing your marketable content
  • Working with key broadcasters and advertisers to reach a wide audience

Simply by visiting the website of a versatile, time-honoured video production firm, you’ll be able to analyse their past projects and then take the first steps to enhance your brand, so be sure to contact a distinguished specialist as soon as you can.

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